Research Presentations

Fuzzing: The Age of Vulnerability Discovery

Workshop on Offensive Technologies, San Francisco, USA, May 2023
NoHat, Bergamo, Italy, October 2023
Hushcon, Seattle, USA December 2023

Evolution of Stealth Packet Filter Rootkits

Hushcon, Seattle, WA, December 2022
CanSecWest, Vancouver, B.C., March 2023

eBPF ELFs JMPing Through the Windows

Black Hat, Las Vegas, USA, August 2022
SEC-T, Stockholm, Sweden, September 2022
EkoParty, Buenos Aires, Argenina, October 2022

Extra Better Program Finagling (eBPF) Attack & Defense

Hushcon, Seattle, WA, December 2021
Toorcamp, Seattle, WA, June 2022

Evolutionary Kernel Fuzzing

Recon, Montreal, Canada, July 2017
Black Hat, Las Vegas, USA, July 2017

Harnessing Intel Processor Trace on Windows for Vulnerability Discovery

Hack in the Box, Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 2017
CanSecWest, Vancouver, Canada, March 2017
Recon BRX, Brussels, Belgium, February 2017
Hushcon, Seattle, Washington, December 2016
Countermeasure, Ottowa, Canada, November 2016
Blue Hat, Seattle, Washington, November 2016
Ruxcon, Melbourne, Australia, October 2016

Go Speed Tracer

Recon, Montreal, Canada, June 2016
Toorcamp, Seattle, Washington, June 2016
Hack In The Box, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2016

High Performance Fuzzing

Hushcon, Seattle, Washington, December 2015
PacSec, Tokyo, Japan, Nov 2015
Ruxcon, Melbourne, Austrlia, October 2015
B-Sides Knoxville, Knoxville, Tennessee, May 2015
InfoSec Southwest, Austin, Texas, April 2015

Fuzzing and Patch Analysis - SAGEly Advice

NoSuchCon, Paris, France, November 2014
Hack In The Box, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 2014
Recon, Montreal, Canada, June 2014
Shakacon, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2014

Taint Nobody Got Time for Crash Analysis

Recon, Montreal, Canada, June 2013
Summercon, New York City, New York, June 2013
NoSuchCon, Paris, France, May 2013
InfoSec Southwest, Austin, Texas, March 2013

Improving Software Security with Dynamic Binary Instrumentation

SOURCE, Seattle, Washington, June 2011
InfoSec Southwest, Austin, Texas, March 2012

Razorback Framework

Gigacon, Warsaw, Poland, September 2011
Internet Security Days, Bruehl, Germany, September 2011

A Castle Made of Sand: Adobe Reader X Sandbox

Hackito Ergo Sum, Paris, France, April 2011
CanSecWest, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, March 2011

Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger: Semi-Auto Vulnerability Research

Blue Hat, Redmond, Washington, October 2010
Black Hat USA, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 2010

Visualizing Software Security

Blue Hat, Redmond, Washington, October 2008
VizSec, Cambridge, Massasschusetts, September 2008

Fast n Furious Transforms

Toorcon Seattle, Seattle, Washington, April 2008

AutoHacking with Phoenix Enabled Data Flow Analysis

Toorcon 9, San Diego, California, October 2007

Logical Fuzzing

VNSECON, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, August 2007

Memory Allocator Attack and Defense

Toorcon Seattle, Seattle, Washington, May 2007

Windows Vista: Exploitation Countermeasures

EuSecWest, London, England, March 2007
Toorcon 8, San Diego, California, September 2006

Disassembler Internals II

22nd Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin, Germany, December 2005

x86 Disassembler Internals

Toorcon 7, San Diego, California, September 2005

Automated Debugging and Process Analysis

Interz0ne IV, Atlanta, Georgia, March 2005

Hooking the Linux ELF Loader

Toorcon 6, San Diego, California, October 2004

A Comparison of Buffer Overflow Prevention Implementations and Weaknesses

Black Hat USA, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2004
Defcon 12, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2004

Advanced Shellcode Implementations

Interz0ne III, Atlanta, Georgia, April 2004